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Pool Services

Hire Us Now for the Best Pool Service in Nokomis

Imagine you are about to host a huge pool celebration at home soon and you already have everything set,from the finest food and drinks to the spectacular entertainment. Your party is drawing close and you finally gave your pool a round check, only to find out that it is no way near ready, as everything already is! Water is blurry and has some debris, algae is all over the place, floors are slimy, and patios are filthy. Ask yourself, really, when was the last time you had pool maintenance?

Regular pool inspections, cleaning, and necessary repairs are important to keep your pool at its best condition, always ready to take on casual dips or big parties anytime you please. Save yourself from all the trouble and ensure that everyone will be greeted by an inviting, clean and crystal clear pool with these TCL Pools services:

  • Water Testing and Chemical Balancing

    Obtaining an accurate reading of your water chemistry is crucial to determine the appropriate amount of chemicals needed to keep your pool water healthy. With TCP Pools, we have expert pool technicians that will test your pool water and ensure that it has the right levels of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and Calcium hardness. Keep your pool waters clear and free from any nasty pool algae all year long with our regular check-ups and maintenance services!

  • Power Cleaning

    Keeping the rest of your pool clean and free from any impurities is also important for a safe and better experience. With our pressure cleaning services, there is no stubborn dirt on your pool tiles, walls, patios, decks, screens, cages, and many others that we cannot get rid of! With our staff’s expertise together with the best cleaning materials, we will ensure that not only your pool water stays stunning, but the rest of your pool looks inviting as well.

  • Inspections, Repairs, and Troubleshooting

    Regular pool pump and filter inspections and troubleshooting is essential to guarantee that your entire pool system is working well as it should. If there is something that needs immediate repair, we at TCP Pools can expertly take care of it for you! Save time, effort, and money by preventing small issues from developing into bigger and more expensive ones.


TCL Pools can provide for any of your pool needs with finesse. We care for you pool just as much as you do. Call us now at 941-254-2845or email us!